Francesca Madeo

Francesca Madeo received his full engineering degree in Management Engineering from UniCal summa cum laude with a Thesis on "Modelling Retails Stores for Advanced Forecasting on Sales and Workloads".
She completed a Master on Quality Assurance in Salerno Italy. In 2007 she worked in Genoa Area for MISS DIPTEM in joint cooperation with the major Italian Supermarket Chain for Store Modelling and Analysis. She had experience working on ERP implementation supervision with MISS DIPTEM. During 2008 she worked in ENAC Rome on Control Management. In 2009/2010 she attended International Courses in Modeling & Simulation organized by McLeod Institute of Simulation Science and NATO M&S COE achieving professional certification in M&S. In 2010 she received a research grant from Provincia di Genova for working in MISS DIPTEM University of Genoa. In 2010 she won, by presenting an innovative Simulator for Environmental Assessment, the International Competition on Engineering Models held on Suffolk, VA and organized by VMASC.
She supported the MIPET Master Program of Genoa University as technical coordinator in 2010-2012.
During 2011 she was visiting researcher in China working on a project sponsored by BUAA.
She was involved in NATO Group IST-047 (Building Robust Systems with Fallible Construction) and she was active in R&D on this area in Italy (Genoa) and Canada (Quebec City). In 2012 she spent some month working on projects in major R&D institutions such as NPS (Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey CA), in Betch Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Harvard Medical School, Boston MA) and in Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH). She was working ub Simulation Team in DIPTEM Genoa University and she was directly involved in CAPRICORN Project developed by an international consortium for European Defense Agency.
She participated to conferences in Europe, North America and Asia as speaker and she published scientific and technical papers in International Conferences (i.e.I3M, Summersim, SpingSim, CAX Forum) & Journals.
Currently she is working in consulting in Europe, Asia and Australia



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