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Edition MIPET-4th

1st Selection (Italian) (Mirror)

Master in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies
4th Edition

403 Stefano Amelio Active Mechanical Engineering
407 Giuseppe Arleo Active Mechanical Engineering
409 Matteo Coduri Active Mechanical Engineering
411 Enza Compagnone Active Chemical Engineering
401 Margherita Dallorto Active Nuclear and Energy Engineering
408 Marco Lagattolla Active Chemical Engineering
406 Aldo Mongelli Active Mechanical Engineering
405 Daniele Olivieri Active Electronics Engineering
410 Federico Panizza Active Environmental Engineering
413 Silvia P. Active Chemical Engineering
404 Mohsen Shiee Active Mechanical Engineering
412 Luca Zecchinato Active Chemical Engineering
402 Roberto Ziveri Active Mechanical Engineering

Selected Master Students need to register before the Deadlines; in case of problems, delays or questions, please contact mipet@itim.unige.it

The Conditional Selection, if present, allows to access to the MIPET Master if there are cancellations among attendees. The Interested Parties will be contacted by e-mail by the Post-graduate Training Department of Genoa University in case of occurence; for additional information please email to: mipet@itim.unige.it



2nd Call Re-Open till December

Preliminary Call

For further Info please contact mipet@itim.unige.it

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