IEPAL, Questionnaire for Companies

Intensive Educational Program in Advanced Logistics

Some Questions to have your impressions and to know if you are interested in joining Iepal Project.

Are you interested in joining IEPAL project, proposing a stage to our participants? yes no

Do you think that this project can be useful for your firm For the visibility and prestige
  Using participants on useful jobs
  Internationalizing the way of training in your firm

What kind of projects can your firm propose as IEPAL stages?
Statistics on Suppliers  Analysis on Inventory Management Data Screening
Statistics on Customers Availability and Failures Validation of software packages
Testing E-solutions and/or ERP Something else   


What would be the ideal structure of a team collaborating to a IEPAL stage?
A single person
More than one participants 
Sequencing more stages ,building a team that will take part to a longer project

What kind of participants can be hosted in your firm without any problems?
Italian (and good/fluent english)
German ( and good/fluent english)
French (and good/fluent english)

If you find Iepal an interesting project, and for further information fill in:
Zip Code
Country/State                             EU        USA 

This is only a feedback on you opinions, it's not a form to join to Iepal project!

What kind of additional information would you like to have ?