Intensive Educational Program in Advanced Logistics

Some questions to have your impressions

The Experience
Does this project interest you? yes no
Did you ever take attend a stage? yes no

How much are important International Experiences for you
Importance from the cultural point of view? weak medium  medium high high
Importance fror your curriculum/ training? weak medium  medium high high

The Project
IEPAL seems to you: actual/new useful without any actraction
Would you like to take part to IEPAL stages ?   yes no
What aspect of the project are more interesting than the others?
    Visiting/Living  Foreing Countries
          Industrial Stages
          Innovative Topics

The Information
What kind of informations would you like to have about the project:
Organizative Aspects (scheduling, accomodation)
Finacial Aspects
Courses and Educational Contents
Professional Experiences

If you find Iepal an interesting project, and for further information fill in:


Country                              USA                                 EU


I am :
 Under Graduated Student
  attending 1st year 
  attending 2nd year 
  attending 3rd year 
  attending 4th year 
  attending 5th year 
Graduated Student
  Master Student 
  PhD Student

I am a Student of : Engeneering Management Other 



This is only a feedback on you opinions, it's not a form to partecipate!

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