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MIPET is a Master Program offering excellence in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies. MIPET is an excellence organized by Genoa University and sponsored by Multinational Industries. The Master guarantees top technical skills and excellence capabilities. Consider to visit the Italian Web Site if you like.
MIPET 10th Edition: Job Opportunities in Multinational Companies
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MIPET: Multinational investing on you
Multinational Industries are investing on you by MIPET

Industries looking for you!

Multinational Companies sponsored for 10 year MIPET, investing time and money and looking for young talents. They select best engineers among MIPET candidates contributing to their lectures and exercises, offering Internships and great Job opportunities to MIPET graduates. For further information click here or just complete the MIPET Pre-Registraton Form.

MIPET - Quick Start from Labs & Lectures... MIPET - Just 4 months before you start to work! MIPET - Quick Start to Internships & Project Work...
Intensive & Quick

Start to work in 4 Months!

The 10th Edition of MIPET starts end of April 2019 with Technical English Courses allowing to join people graduating in Spring. After just 4 months of Labs, Lectures, Exercises, RPGs, Computer Simulation and Tours, you will start to work into a Leading Company for your Internship and Project Work, usually already paid by the Hosting Industry. The Master ends in December 2019 allowing you to select the final job position proposal from MIPET Industries and Companies.

MIPET International Master enabling to work all around the World
International Class & Teachers

Be prepared to Work around the Globe

MIPET is International: the Class is composed by talented students from worldwide, while Seminars and Workshops are proposed by Industrial Experts and Academic Teachers from the 5 Continents to present different engineering projects, working conditions and markets. All classes are in English and Language Courses are provided in Technical English, Italian (for Foreigners), Spanish (for improving your capabilities for Latin America Markets) and Chinese (just introductory to better get immersed in that cultural background). After MIPET experience you will be ready to work all around the Globe.

MIPET Sponsors & Other Institutions, Companies and Agencies involved in the Initiative
Special Opportunities for Italians

Great Jobs in Italy

MIPET Industrial Sponsors are offering to best student Great Job opportunities in Genoa and in Italy. Indeed Multinational Companies in MIPET are also looking for young Italian Engineers, in addition to valuable foreigners considering their high capabilities and skills and the desire to develop also a new generation of talented resources to work on the territory.

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MIPET (Master in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies) is a One-year Degree Program organized in Genoa University and focusing on preparing new generations of top quality technical experts for Process Engineering, Industrial Plant Main Contractors, Power & Energy Industry, Iron & Steel Sector, Plant Equipment Suppliers as well as Construction Companies. MIPET main aim it is to satisfy the expectation from Leading Industries in terms of high technical skills and excellence capabilities in Industrial Plants and Engineering. The Master Program is directed by Polytechnic School - Faculty of Engineering in strong cooperation with leading industries and major companies operating in these industrial sectors; this approach guarantees the relevance and effectiveness of the initiative in the international scenario. In fact, this project is part of a large initiative devoted to develop excellence in Industrial Plant Engineering through the synergy between the expertise of Genoa University Engineering Faculty and Top Level Companies with long traditions that are leading this Area Nationally and Internationally in term of turnovers, size, processes and products complexity as well as know how and technical background and skills.

MIPET - Safety & Security - Ordine degli Ingegneri

Join to the 10th MIPET Edition

10th Edition of MIPET is open, please visit the Web Site and send Your Curriculum Vitae for early registraton. You could send it to or just complete the MIPET Pre-Registraton Form by a simple Click. It is recommended, especially to International Students, to complete the pre-registration Form before december MMXVII. The Selection is based on CV and live or virtual interview with University and Industrial Experts in Engineering and Human Resource Managers. Further Information are avaliable on MIPET Website and in in the MIPET Fact Sheet.

MIPET - Ordine degli Ingegneri
Engineering Seminars

MIPET Seminars

MIPET, Genoa UNiversity organizes in cooperation with Engineering Society several Engineering Seminars & Workshops to promote advances in methodologies and techniques in this sector. The Seminars grant Credits to the members of Ordine degli Ingegneri (Professional Engineering Society). Each year new Seminars are organized to address most critical issues in Engineering & Technologies to provide a strategic advantage to the attendees on new topics and emerging technologies (e.g. Safety & Security, Industry 4.0, Simulation, R&D Opportunities, Combustion). Seminars are free and are open also to MIPET and Engineering Students.

1 Year of Interviews in 1 Day - Industries meet Young Engineers
Industries meet Young Engineers & Scientists

1 Year of Interviews in 1 Day

1 Year 1 Day Workshop allows Top Quality Companies to present their interests and needs to Young Engineers and Computer Scientists. During the day the Engineers have the possibility to conduct Campus Interviews with the Companies. Therefore, also Engineering Students are invited to discuss future Opportunities and current Expectations with Companies for Future Placement. Young Scientists and Computer Science people are welcome, considering the strong interest of the Companies and Institutions on these profiles. People interested in Campus Interviews are invited to send, as soon as possible, Curriculum to

MIPET Sponsors & Other Institutions, Companies and Agencies involved in the Initiative
MIPET Industrial Partners, Sponsors & Supporters

Industries in MIPET

MIPET Industrial Sponsors are real Partners in MIPET working side by side with Genoa University in all phases: Selection, Program Definition, Lecturing, Supervision, Orientation & Placement. MIPET Students have opportunity to carry out Internship in Leading Companies to finalize their Project Work and Thesis. In addition to Industrial Sponsors, several other Companies and Institutions cooperate with MIPET providing Internship Opportunities, Lectures and Exercises. International Seminars are proposed by International Experts from major Universities and Institutions; these Seminars focus on Advances for Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies in different Sectors and all over the World.

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MIPET Areas of Work MIPET is devoted to create System and Process Engineers, Technical Coordinators operating effectively in Project Teams in Global Engineering and Construction. This Master provides deep technical skills in Industrial Plants as well as the capability to get the whole overview on the project and its technical aspects along the whole project phases: Offering, Engineering, Purchasing, Construction and Erection and Commissioning. At the completion of the Master Program students develop transversal capabilities in all the critical areas (e.g mechanics, high power, electronics , automation, computation, management, security and safety, materials, processes and components) combined with their specialization expertise in specific Plant Sectors (e.g. Power Equipment, Iron & Steel) as well as with the Company Internship Experiences. The MIPET graduates have capability to address complex Industrial Systems and System of Systems Engineeering in multiple application fields. In addition MIPET promotes advanced team working capabilities in International framework: the Class is composed normally by people from multiple continents and there are programs for Team Building, People Management, Cultural development thanks to the multiple Experiences, Simulation, Exercises and Seminars from Experts coming from Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and Austalia; indeed the MIPET students technical courses are all in English, therefore there are several language courses to improve English and to learn other ones such as Italian, Spanish, Chinese.

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The Master in Industrial Plants is a Post Graduate University Program, devoted to people with Engineering degrees, addressing:
  • Young Engineers with strong technical background
  • Engineers interested in attending specific thematic educational modules of the Master Program that are already working in Companies involved in Construction and Engineering of Industrial Plant and related sectors

Who is Involved

MIPET is a Synergic Effort that combines Academia, Institutions and Industries; in fact MIPET is involving several Organizations in the Council as well as Top Level Scientists and Technicians in the Scientific Board and MIPET Faculty.
The Partners Commitment guarantees the MIPET role in the present and future of Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies: the achievement of this Challenging Goal is based on the strong liaison among Sponsors for keeping R&D and Educational efforts effectively focused on real industrial and market needs with the benefits of the ultimate technologies (i.e. modeling & simulation).

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English Page of MIPET, Polytechnic School of Genoa University
Pagina in Italiano del MIPET, Scuola Politecnica di Genova
Français Page de le MIPET, École Polytechnique de l'Université de Gênes
Deutsch-Seite der MIPET, Polytechnischen Schule von der Universität Genua
Página Española de MIPET, Escuela Politécnica de la Universidad de Génova
Página em português do MIPET, Escola Politécnica da Universidade de Gênova
Hindi Page of MIPET, Polytechnic School of Genoa University
Japanese Page of MIPET, Polytechnic School of Genoa University
Chinese Page of MIPET,Polytechnic School of Genoa University
Russian Page of MIPET, Polytechnic School of Genoa University
Arabic Page of MIPET, Polytechnic School of Genoa University

MIPET as International Joint Initiative Academia & Industry

MIPET is an International Master where Academia and Industry are working in synergy; therefore 2010 Edition was fully sponsored by Companies that covered 100% of the tuition fees, while 2011/2012 MIPET guarantee a coverage of 80% of the Master Fees for the students enrolled in the initiative after the selection process.
Virtual Cave for Immersive Interactive Interoperable Experienes on Skids and Industrial Plants In addition, the Industrial Sponsors provide the opportunity at the best classified student in the MIPET Ranking List, at the end of the Program, to get full refund of the tuition fees as happen in the past.
The Selection Process is designed for identify young bright engineers with high potential and it is based on Curriculum Vitae and Interview (by Skype or Live) with a Committee involving University Professors, Placement Experts, Company Human Resource Managers and Top Engineers from Sponsoring Companies.
This approach guarantees the capability to select best students coming from all over the world with efficient and procedures. The MIPET language is English and the program includes support to reinforce its knowledge even in technical areas; in addition during MIPET several courses will be organized in order to enlarge attendee's language capabilities, for instance in additional languages that are critical in Areas interesting for Industrial Plants sectors (i.e. Portuguese, Spanish or Chinese).
Teachers are encouraged to submit their contact data by the following MIPET On-line Faculty Module

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General Program

Back to MIPET Top Page RPG based on Celebes Simulation as Test for Project Management Module

MIPET Program includes:

Basic Module

Industrial Plants Foundations

Fundamental Concepts related to Industrial Plants Projects. EPC and Industrial Plant Projects. Industrial Plants & System of Systems Engineering. Industrial Plant Multidisciplinary Approach. Industrial Plants and Technologies. Role Play Game in New Port Plant Development

Financial Analysis

Fundamentals of Financial Analysis for Industrial Plants. Project Financing in Industrial Plants. Overall Plant Project Evaluation, Economic and Financial Analysis

Processes Engineering

Processes Engineering and Components in Industrial Plants. Designing Activities. Design and Sizing General Criteria and Component Selection in Industrial Plants. Physical Models, Statistical Models. Examples on Complex Processes .

Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering for Industrial Plant System. Voltage Power Systems in Industrial Plants, Power & Energy Market, Distribution & Power Grid, Electric. P&ID BOQ, Data Sheet, Motor List, Sensor List. Steam, Auxiliary System Engineering & Technologies: Pumping Stations, Control Systems. Electric Design in Industrial plant Case Study

Materials & Technologies

Material Technology, Mechanical Design and Industrial Plants. Strain & Stress Fundamentals. Mechanical and Thermal Fatigue. Welding. Innovative Materials. Non Destructive Testing. Refractory Case Study


Automation in Industrial Plants. Automation System Architectures, Evolution in Automation Systems for Industrial Plants. Process Modeling & Control Methodologies & Techniques. Multiple Control Structures. Industrial Plant Case Study: Automation System Rewamping

Software Solutions

Software Systems for Supporting Industrial Plant Design & Evaluation. Overview of the Software Solutions and Simulation Tools commonly used during Plant Design Phases. Structural Analysis on Critical Sections of large Industrial Plants. Experience in Simulating Steel Mill and Completing Sensitivity Analysis for supporting Engineering

Operative Modules

Project Management

Project Management Module presents critical aspects related to Industrial Plant PM and provides basic concepts and methodologies in Project Management. The course provides knowledge for facing issues in Project Organization, Project Risk Management, Project Cost and Time Management, Project Planning & Control, Project Quality, Project HR and Communications Celebes Role Play Game on Cooperative Project Planning among Engineering, Purchaising, Construction and Commissioning Teams using a Computer Simulation.


Construction Module presents critical aspects related to Constructions in Industrial Plant and provides basic concepts and case studies as methodologies. The course provides knowledge for facing issues in Site Management, Erection Planning, Cost and Time Control, Safety and Risks during erection and commissioning Babel Role Play Game on Engineering vs. Site on a Tower Construction Project.

Standards & Regulations

Industrial Plant Innovation Module presents innovative methodologies, techniques, models presented by experts at international level able to guarantee a competitive advantage in Industrial Plant. The course addresses both technical and management issues in relation to different types of challenging problems in Sustainability, Oil and Gas, Smart Energy Management

Safety & Risk

Safety and Risk Module is devoted to present methodologies, techniques and technologies related to safety and risk evaluation during design, construction and operation of an Industrial Plant APEX Role Play Game: EXPLOSAD IDRASS: Interoperable Simulation and Serious Games on Hazardous Material Spill from Industrial Plants.

Innovation in Industrial Plants

Industrial Plant Innovation Module presents innovative methodologies, techniques, models presented by experts at international level able to guarantee a competitive advantage in Industrial Plant. The course addresses both technical and management issues in relation to different types of challenging problems in Sustainability, Oil and Gas, Smart Energy Management

Thematic Modules

Power Plants

The focus of this module is on Power Plants. Electrical Plants. Alternators. Boiler & Heat Echanger. Gas Turbine & Steam Turbines. Fossil Plants & Conventional Plants. Combined Cycle Plants . Electrical Energy Distribution and Consumption . Energy Efficiency Techniques. Renewable Power Plants: Wind Solutions, Solar Plants, Hydroelectrical, etc. Power Plant Simulation & FAT. Interactive Visit to Power Plants. Fuel Storage Facilities.


Combustion Technology. Fluid Dynamics & Heat Exchanges in Industrial Plants. Operational Procedures in Combustion. Combustion Models for Industrial Plants. Overview on Heating Furnaces. Technological Trends in Industrial Furnaces. Flue Gases & Treatments. Example: Hot Treatment Furnace Design.

Iron & Steel

Iron & Steel Plants. Iron & Steel Industry Processes. Iron & Steel Market. From Raw Material to Blast Furnace. Fundamentals of Metallurgical Processes. Metal Making. Industrial Furnaces. Blast Furnaces. Iron & Steel Plants: Sinter, Pellet, Steelworks. Steel Rolling Processes & Heat Treatment. Strip Processing. Cold Milling Rolling. Roll Shops. Material Handling. Coke Plants. Flue Gas Treatment in Iron & Steel Industry. Tour to an Steel Mill.

Processes & Machines

Processes & Machines in Industrial Plants. Fluid Dynamics & Heat Exchanges in Industrial Plants. Condition Monitoring, Diagnostics, Non destructive Controls and Plant Maintenance. Vibration Analysis, Modal Analysis, FEM for Vibration Analysis, TPA, Durability. Mission synthesis, Acoustic Intensity and Holography. Simulation and Dynamic Analysis of Plants and Machines. Plant Management & Maintenance. Plant Service. Safety & Security. Examples: Company Organization within a Power Plant Producer and in a Steel Mill.

Water Treatments

Desalination and Water Treatments. Waste Water Treatment. Municipal Solid Waste Treatment: Incineration Plants, Pyrolysis and Gasification. Case Study: MSW Gasification Plant. Desalination Plants, Heat Exchange & Plant Processes, Material Transfer and Pumping Operations, Alternative Technologies.


Environment and Sustainability for Industrial Plant Engineering. Environmental Control Techniques . LCA Sustainable Engineering. Green Technologies. Design for Environment and Sustainability. Modelling Industrial Ecology. Urban Solid Waste Treatments. Case Study: Gasification Plant MOSES: Computer Simulation on Comprehensive Scenario involving negotiation between Authorities and Investors respect a new Large Plant Project.

International Perspective

China & Far East

Opportunities in China: Innovation from Far East provided by CSA Responsible, Behiang University, China


Engineering & Technological Advances applied to industrial cases in Bordeaux University, France

Middle East

Modeling Energy Transitions and Transitioning Industrial Production to Renewable presented by Scientists of Madar Institute, UAE


Arabia and Middle East: Technical Expertise as driver for Development from Technical Trainer College in Saudi Arabia

Latin America

Industries in Mexico. Modeling and Simulation to support design, enhancements and rewamping. by Experts of UNAM, Mexico City

North America

Innovation in System of Systems Engineering by Georgia Tech Experts applied to crucial sectors such as Power Grid.

North Africa

Opportunities for Engineers in Morocco and North by ESISA Director located in Fes, Morocco

South Africa

Electrical and Power Systems: Innovative Projects and Examples by Experts of Botswana University


Complex Systems and Innovation in Mining Operations are proposed by Australian Scientists

Industrial Sector Seminars


Power Generation and the Operators’ Training Approach as a Competitiveness Factor proposed by the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas of Mexico.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas from the Source Rock to the Market presented by Scientists of Abu Dhabi Politechnic

Offshore Oil Rigs

Immersive Technologies for Oil & Gas Industries proposed by GRvA LAMCE UFJR & Petrobras, Brazil

Chemical Plants

Process Control in Chemical Plant and Advances in the Sector presented by Bogazici University, Turkey

Petrochemical Industries

Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Operations proposed by Waterloo University, Canada

Transportation Infrastructures

Modeling for Large Transportation Infrastructure Design by VMASC and Old Dominion Univ., USA

Smart Grid

Micro Smart Grid Project developed by Smart Energy Team in Cooperation with Major Industries for European Union


The role of Advanced Support Tools in the Air Logistics Area by UAB Experts, Catalonia, Spain

Safety & Security

The Overview about the Interaction between Safety and Security for Critical Infrastructures and industrial plant is proposed considering Cyber Security and Multi Domain Issues by NATO Experts

Soft Skills

International Challenges

A Landscape for Collaboration & the Development of International Projects by a NASA Manager of Kennedy Space Center

From Industry to Luxury

Bulgari Director presents his personal experience from Petrolchemistry in Europe to Luxury Brands in Greater China and return back to Europe

People Management

HR in Projects & Engineering. People Management. Team Building. Interpersonal Rel., Leadership, Lateral Thinking, Communication Skills


All Lectures are in English, so this course is devoted to reinforce the skills of Attentees in this language


Italian Course is devoted to learn Technical Italian and to improve productivity within Italian Companies


Learning Spanish is devoted to improve capabilities on Emerging Markets such as Latin America


Chinese Basic Course enhances personal interaction capability & cultural background and enable to move in China

Master Defense & Internship

Project Work

The MIPET Students carry out a Project Work working in Industries on real challenging advances related to Industrial Plant Engineering & Technologies

Internship in Industry

The MIPET Students spend an Intership within major Companies and Industries to finalize their Master Thesis by working on Real Industrial Plant Projects for 400 hours on the field

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MIPET Sponsors & Supporting Organizations

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Other Supporting Companies

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International Seminars include also speeches from Experts from other Organizations:
MIPET Activites

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MIPET References

    MIPET References are based on state of art Research and Technology on the Sector of Industrial Plants as well as on classic books on these areas; material related to exercises and case studies are provided during the course.

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MIPET Organization


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    Join MIPET

    Join MIPET by a simple Click
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MIPET Experiences & Pictures

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MIPET Venue & Points of Contact

Point of Contacts
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MIPET Blended Education & E-Learning

    The MIPET is based on advanced Solutions of Blended Education for delivering courses including lectures, e-learning platforms, clickers, role play games, computer simulation, etc.
    MIPET is active in different e-learning frameworks as well as in Social Networks such as:

The Educational Material is available through this link; while the General E-Learning Framework is accessible through this click.
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MIPET Web References

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MIPET Additional Working Opportunities

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MIPET Current Edition Sponsors