MIPET & Polytechnic School

International Master & Excellence in Genoa

The Polytechnic School of Genoa University

The Polytechnic School integrates Engineering and Architecture Departments of Genoa University (established 1471). The School benefits from creative talents able to integrate technology, innovation and art for developing the Future. This is obviously inspired by the original spirit of the Town: Genoa, or "the Superb" as it was called by Petrarch, is an unique port city credited to have affected human history by its many achievements. The Polytechnic School is addressing modern challenges by a multidisciplinary approach driven by enabling technologies and inspired design. Special attention is addressed to excel into Education Programs as well as to promote Industrial and Social R&D Projects based on most innovative solutions.

The International Master in Industrial Plant Engineering & Technologies

The MIPET (International Master of Genoa University) is promoted by a joint Team of Academic Institutions, Industries and Associations and provides an unique opportunity for young engineers to address strategic areas such as: Energy, Iron & Steel, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & commissioning), Large Industrial Plants and Process Industries, Oil & Gas. Join the 9th Edition just by a click.

Engineering in Genoa

Engineering at Genoa University renews its illustrious origins (Royal Naval School 1870), day by day, through innovation: its achievements are worldwide scientifically recognized and sponsored by Industries and Institutions. Indeed, in R&D, it holds several international leading positions in strategic areas including, among others, plant & naval engineering, logistics, energy, modeling & simulation , etc. Its innovative developments are integrated continuously into Engineering Courses to ensure top level education.

Architecture in Genoa

The DSA, the Department of Architecture of Genoa University, is a leading international center allowing students to learn how to master this field through multidisciplinary cases on different cultural areas: from the restoration to industrial design, from graphics to virtual creation, from buildings to landscape architecture.

1 Year of Interviews
within 1 Single Day

The Polytechnic School organizes twice per year this Meeting as a great Opportunity for New Graduates to meet Top Industries and Institutions. The Companies and Agencies present their specific opportunities and expectations for capturing young talents. At the same time, by this event, the young engineers could complete within a single day the interviews that usually requires one year.

1 Year of Interviews within 1 Single Day at Polytechnic School of Genoa University

Simulation as Strategic Science for the Future

The Simulation is a Strategic Science able to address most complex problems and the Simulation Team, is a major excellence network in Modeling and Simulation. Simulation Team is innovation leader on several methodologies such as MS2G (Modeling, interoperable Simulation & Serious Games), HBM (Human Behavior Modelling), SaaS (Simulation as a Service), Standards & Architettures, Mobile Training, Intelligent Agents, Smart Interactive Cave. It operates in many different sectors (from Defense to fine Arts, from Industry to Shipping) and in many different applicative areas (from training & education to capability development, from decision support to engineering).

International Cooperations and Partnerships

Prestigious Institutions, Major Companies, Leading Industries and Hi-Tech Enterprises are strongly cooperating with the initiatives in Engineering at Genoa University. This guarantees to finalize the Research and Development towards real needs and challenges supporting competitiveness and success within a broad range of applications.