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MIPET 2011/2012 CLASS

Edition 2011/2012

Master in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies
3rd Edition

ID Name Family Name Status Background
317 Alessandro Castagna Active Naval Engineering
Alessandro Castagna
303 Varun Chawla Active Mechanics & Automation Engineering
Varun Chawla
301 Luis Fernando De Menedes Veira Active Mechanical Engineering
Luis Fernando De Menedes Veira
322 Stefano Dentali Active Chemistry
Stefano Dentali
323 Guevarez Diaz Gerson Moises Active Physics
Guevarez Diaz Gerson Moises
316 Alessio Ferraris Active Mechanical Engineering
Alessio Ferraris
304 Jairo Dogliani Madureira Active Mechanical Engineering
Jairo Dogliani Madureira
307 Stefano Magnani Active Environmental Engineering
Stefano Magnani
311 Sundararajan Mahesh Active Mechanical Engineering
Sundararajan Mahesh
320 Giuseppe Mascolo Active Mechanical Engineering
Giuseppe Mascolo
312 Sandeep Mishra Active Mechanical Engineering
Sandeep Misra
305 Lorenzo Munzi Active Mechanical Engineering
Lorenzo Munzi
309 Vito Nicassio Active Mechanical Engineering
Vito Nicassio
318 Tatiana Pais Active Naval Engineering
Tatiana Pais
314 Anil Kumar Peddi Active Chemical Engineering
Anil Kumar Peddi
333 Andrea Piaggio Active Naval Engineering
Andrea Piaggio
321 Matteo Piaggio Active Mechanical Engineering
Matteo Piaggio
310 Francesco Piccardo Active Environmental Engineering
Francesco Piccardo
324 Danilo Vari Active Environmental Engineering
Danilo Vari
315 Pasquale Francesco Zito Active Chemical Engineering
Pasquale Francesco Zito

Selected Master Students need to register before the Deadline: December 31st 2011; in case of problems, delays or questions, please contact mipet@itim.unige.it

The Conditional Selection allows to access to the MIPET Master if there are cancellations among attendees. The Interested Parties will be contacted by e-mail by the Post-graduate Training Department of Genoa University in case of occurence; for additional information please email to: mipet@itim.unige.it



For further Info please contact mipet@itim.unige.it

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