Matteo Agresta

Matteo Agresta received his full engineering degree in Civil Engineering. He received a Master in Logistics and he completed his PhD in Logistics, Transportation and Infrastructures from University of Genoa. He visited Universidade da Coruna and York University, Toronto. He obtained a post doc grant in MITIM DIME University of Genoa and he serves as MIPET International Relations Responsible. He is member of Simulation Team. He participated to conferences in Europe, North America and Asia as speaker and he published scientific and technical papers in International Conferences (i.e.I3M, Summersim, CAX Forum) & Journals.


  • Dr.Matteo Agresta Simulation Team MITIM DIME University of Genoa via Opera Pia 15, 16145 Genova, Italy Email Phone +39 346 8289 012 Fax +39 019 2302 289

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