Andrea Piaggio

Giant Offshore Kashagan Oil Field I'm Andrea Piaggio, nautical engineer and naval engineer. I attended the third edition of the Master MIPET and in fact I donít had originally a strong background in industrial plant, therefore thanks to the solid and rigorous foundation that my degree has given me, I was able easily to get involved in the general context of the Master Program; indeed the theoretical part of the classes is proved beneficial for my training. The topics covered in the lessons, have allowed me to acquire soft skills, with regard to regulatory issues, managerial and methodological, that usually are not addressed within the courses of engineering, where you prefer a purely technical teaching. Nevertheless, the lessons of the last most technical part of the course, they have reinforced my knowledge on industrial plants and plant engineering. In summary, I could say that I learned that a plant is not just piping and P & ID, but also capital, standards, work organization, stakeholders and numerous other contributing factors to the success of a project. The study environment revealed to be optimal for this experience, by providing lessons in English and thanks to the presence of foreign students from Latin America and Asia, it resulted a very valid simulation of my future international work environment providing me an advantage in the selection processes. After an internship at Fisia Italimpianti, a company with excellent and good professionals, followed by a brief stint in the water treatment company of Chiavari, currently I am employed as Plant Engineer at AtEx Off Shore Kashagan in Kazakhstan. I am responsible for the respect of regulations (the so-called'' AtEx''), learned and experienced just during MIPET courses and project experiences. Soi I have no doubt that the attainment of the Master MIPET proved to be decisive for accessing my current interesting and excellent work position. Andrea Piaggio

Kashagan, May 2013

AtEx Engineer


Via Benigno Crespi 12, 20159 Milano (MI), Italy

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