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The attendance to the MIPET Master Program in 2012 was from my point of view very positive. I think an experience like that one offered by MIPET have to recommended to many young engineers eager to enter into the Industrial Plant Engineering World and in Industry.
In fact MIPET Master represents a good front door for accessing the sponsor companies therefore this could be considered a secondary benefits due to the fact that MIPET provides so advanced and qualified skills that just them ensure an easy and good access to work positions in a wide spectrum of industries.
From my personal point of view in fact, the added value of the master MIPET was that of technical and transversal competencies obtained by its program.
Indeed one of the major deficiencies in the Faculty of Engineering, in my opinion, is related to the fact that it donít provide students with adequate training on the dynamics of the world of work; during University Courses we are not used to deal with issues like the difference between project engineers and project managers, the difference of roles among Technical Department and Purchases Department etc., ultimately you do not have a clear idea of ??how the industrial plant projects are carried out in the real world.
During the master, instead, we had the opportunity to examine every aspect of the implementation of projects, starting from the purely technical point of view, through the economic and financial, and ending with the normative.
Theory and Practice is covered: frontal lessons are alternated to simulations projects and real work situations: we could understand the difficulties of communication when working in separate rooms (in a simulation project we worked in separate rooms communicating exclusively via computer or telephone) working with people speaking different language and with different cultures (the official language of the master is English, and my class included two Brazilians and four Indians).
At the end of the project work the activity moved inside the corporate sponsors: my project work was developed in collaboration with Paul Wurth Italy, and involved Modeling Blast Furnace Processes.
During the 400 hours of training in the company I was able to greatly expand my technical skills, learning how to work from a number of supporting people, very prepared.
At the end of the course, I received a job offer from Paul Wurth Italy, which I accepted with great satisfaction.
In conclusion, while initially I experience some hesitation before to embrace MIPET considering that I had to face another year of study after Engineering Courses, at the end I realize the correctness of my choice and all by initial doubts were cancel by the benefits that I could measure in terms of technical and general skills acquired, obtained from the possibility of confrontation with professionals in Plant Engineering and industrial experts in the field, and from the experience of my project work that allowed me to get great satisfaction in my first direct experience in this industrial sector.

Genoa, February 2013

Process Engineer

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