Strategic Engineering Workshop SCS

Strategic Engineering Workshop at SummerSim

at Summer Computer Simulation Conference, July 22-24, Berlin, Germany

A new Discipline relying on Simulation, Machine Learning & Big Data

Modeling and Simulation is a pillar for decision making in current world and this Track addresses the innovative context of Strategic Engineering: an Area where the combined use of M&S, Data Analytics, Machine Learning allows to support decision making processes in complex systems. Submission of Innovative Papers addressing innovative methodologies and applications in this sense are encouraged. This initiative is related even to new MSc in Strategic Engineering promoted around the globe (e.g. Genoa University)

It is encouraged submission of original scientific and technical papers on following subjects:


Industrial Applications

Defense Applications

  • Artificial Intelligence for Strategic Decision Making
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality for Decision Making (AR, VR)
  • Bleeding Edge Technologies Stategic Planning
  • Block Chain use in Simulation
  • Context Engineering for the Technical Sustainability of the Strategies
  • Critical Analysis and Decision Making
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Farming for Decision Making
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Economic and Political Analysis of Scenario and Operational Context
  • Graphics and Visualization of Complex Systems
  • Intelligent Agents for Complex Scenario Simulation
  • Machine Learning for Decisions
  • Mathematical Modelling for Decision Support
  • Modeling Complex Systems
  • Modeling & Simulation for Strategy
  • Risk Analysis on Alternative Solutions
  • Smart Planning
  • Strategic Impact of Autonomouys Systems and Heterogeneous Networks
  • Strategies for Robotic Process Automation

  • Airport Networks and new Air Traffic Control Solutions
  • Constructions
  • Cyber Security
  • Design, service and management of Financial Products
  • Health Care & Strategies
  • Investments
  • Industrial Process Plants & Industries
  • Logistics
  • Major Manufacturing Companies
  • Marine Sector
  • New developments enabled by Autonomous Systems
  • Oil & Gas
  • Operational Level and Grand Tactics devoted to implement Strategies
  • Resilience & Sustainability
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Space & Aerospace
  • Support to the Board of Directors
  • Stategic Management
  • Stategic Planning
  • Strategies for B2B
  • Strategies for Business to Consumers
  • Strategies in Energy
  • Strategies in Multi-Project Management
  • Strategies on Operations for Major Industries
  • Strategies for Communications Services
  • Underwater Resources

  • Anti Access Area Denial
  • Collective Defence
  • Commander Decision Support in Operational Planning
  • Command Control
  • Course of Action Definition
  • Cyber Warfare
  • Homeland Security
  • Hybrid Warfare
  • Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems
  • Military Supply Chain
  • New Programs and Simulation Based Acquisition in Defense & Aerospace
  • Joint Naval Scenarios
  • Quantitative Support to Negotiation and Consensus
  • Serious Games for Commanders
  • Simulation for Strategic Decision Makers
  • Smart Solutions for Intelligence
  • Support to Defense
  • Support to Agencies & Governmental Institutions
  • Strategies in Service to Society
  • Strategies on International Affairs

Worhshop Chairs

  • Agostino G. Bruzzone, DIME, University of Genoa, Italy - Email:
  • Gregory Zacharewicz, LG2IP - IMT École des Mines d’Alès - Email:

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