International Multidisciplinary Council of Simulation

active in Mediterranean, Europe, Latin & North America, Asia, Africa & Australia

International Multidisciplinary Council of Simulation

This initiative is motivated by the need to guarantee that an Extended and Multidiscilinary Scientific Community could be properly represented and active at an international level. Originally the name of I_M_CS was meaning International Mediterranean & Latin American Council of Simulation (established 2003) therefore today the Council is active in Mediterranean, Europe, Latin & North America, Asia, Africa & Australia. Over the last 15 years I_M_CS has promoted development of innovative projects, acted as major contributors in the worldwide scenario by promoting and patronning the most prestigieous International Simulation Conferences. International events in these areas were a real success as they attracted the world community through the presentation of extensive and outstanding regional activities while proposing new developments.

Simulation as Strategic Science for the Future

The Simulation is a Strategic Science able to address most complex problems and the I_M_CS is a major excellence Council in Modeling and Simulation. I_M_CS operates in strong cooperation with Simulation Team, promoting leadership in innovation respect many crucial methodologies such as MS2G (Modeling, interoperable Simulation & Serious Games), HBM (Human Behavior Modelling), SaaS (Simulation as a Service), Standards & Architettures, Mobile Training, Intelligent Agents, Smart Interactive Cave.


Conferences promoted by I_M_CS are emphasizing the importance of M&S within a Multidisciplinary Context; from this point of view I_M_CS promotes I3M (since 2004), Harbour and Maritime Simulations (HMS since 1999), Simulation in Industry, (EMSS active since 1988), Simulation Applications (MAS since 2002 and WAMS since 2004), Simulation in Defense (DHSS since 2011), Simulation in Medicine (I_WISH since 2012), Simulation for Energy and Sustainability (SESDE since 2013) and Simulation respect Food Operations and Processes (Foodops since 2014).

Networking and Links

I_M_CS is strongly connected with major Simulation Networks including Simulation Team, Liophant, M&S Net, McLeod Institute of Simulation Science, SCS and Eurosim. In addition I_M_CS collaborates with major Excellence Simulation Centers in Barcelona, Bordeaux, Cassino, Cosenza, Cyprus, Fes, Genoa, Hagenberg , La Rioja, Marseille, New Mexico City, Perugia, Riga, Rio de Janeiro, Rosiario, St.Petersburg and Toronto. I_M_CS History could be traced through the reports along years ( 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008 and 2003)