Advanced Laboratory for Crisis and Emergencies in Ports and marine domain developed by Simulation within a common collaborative Space



The aim of the ALACRES2 Project is to to activate a Permanent Laboratory able to identify, test and validate integrated emergency management procedures in the case of accidents, crises or significant accidents occurring during the loading and unloading of goods and dangerous substances; There memorize options in order to identify unified organizational and behavioral management protocols to assist the improvement of workers' skills in the emergencies of one of the phases of greatest weakness and criticality within the logistics chain of this type of goods, determined by the physical discontinuity in the passage from the sea side to the land side (and vice versa). The ALACRES2 has the task to investigate the behavior of the various operational figures called to the management of emergencies in the event of an accident during the boarding and disembarking procedures, testing new behavioral protocols, new operating standards, new procedures for monitoring and control of the emergency, new support technologies for infrastructure and on-board systems.

6 marzo, 2019

Virtual and
Interoperable Simulation

The Interoperable Virtual Simulation allows to create interactive systems where you can test both procedures and new technologies applied to various application contexts; for example, in the proposed image we see a simulator of port operations on containers. The Simulation Team in Genoa and Cagliari has already developed innovative systems in this field

28 febbraio, 2019

Training Key People

Simulation not only serves to reproduce purely operational aspects, but also procedures, operations and decision-making choices, allowing managers and managers to be trained in critical and crisis conditions. ALACRES2 plans to set up simulation systems to deal with incidents that touch more actors in the ports. The simulation thus built is the heart of the Laboratory.

22 gennaio, 2019


The ALACRES2 Champions are the team of experts in the various sectors that are called to bring both operational and simulation knowledge, working side by side in the construction of the Virtual Laboratory.

16 gennaio, 2019

Interactive and Intuitive

ALACRES2 adopts the innovative paradigm of MS2G simulation (Modeling, interoperable Simulation and Serious Games) that allows to combine different models using a highly immersive and intuitive approach to simplify their use.

8 gennaio, 2019

Simulating a Port
& its Components

ALACRES2 aims to create a Virtual Laboratory capable of reproducing a port and the different components that interact in it to reproduce both crises and accidents and evaluate the effectiveness of the different procedures and solutions through simulation

20 dicembre 2018

Virtual and
Cyber Worlds

ALACRES2 creates virtual worlds to simulate operations in ports reproducing both the real part (e.g. cranes, ships, terminals, accidents, etc.) and the cyberspace and its interactions which can be both a criticality and sources of pontential threats and vulnerabilities