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SIMulation applications in Management, PLanning & forEcaSTing


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  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Data Warehousing
  • Decision Making Data Fusion
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Emergency Planning & Management
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Management)
  • Financial Planning
  • Intelligent Forecasting
  • Information Support Systems
  • Infrastructure Planning & Design
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics Networks
  • PDM (Product Data Management)
  • Company Process Intelligent Management
  • Production Planning & Management
  • Project Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Strategic Decision
  • Supply Chain Management
  • The Society for Modeling and Simulation International


    This Technical Council is devoted to support the development of researches and developments in "SImulation applications in Management, PLanning & forEcaSTs" (SIMPLEST). The Management, Planning & Forecasting is becoming a critical issue in company evolution: today the world economic situation provides new opportunities for improving products as well as the supply chain, while new technologies are enabling changes for re-engineering processes and networks.
    So, while globalization of the markets is accelerating very fast the evolution of Management, Planning & Forecasting, the web technologies enable the data sharing over wide areas as well as the remote tracking and control of design, purchasing, production, supplying and shipping of products and services.
    For instance, logistics networks are becoming one of the keys for competitiveness and success and tools and solutions for supporting this progress are appearing. In this framework the information technology (IT) is an enabling factor to support Management, Planning & Forecasting. So obviously the first set of IT proposals focused mostly on management issues integrating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and PDM (Product Data Management) just introducing some light Decision Support capability.
    However the nature of the problem pushed quickly strong in the extensive use of simulation as core component for redesign and management of real problems.
    In effect today the simulation for Management, Planning & Forecasting is being used increasingly by companies to analyze their relative strengths and weaknesses, to dynamically redefine the network and to control the supply processes.
    The Integration of simulation with new generation ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems provides a strong database for developing "a priori" analysis, performance measurement baseline design and overall forecasts.
    Advanced techniques such as artificial intelligence and distributed M&S (Modeling and Simulation) guarantee significant improvements in this area in order to develop effective decision support tool for this sector.
    For these reasons this Technical Chapter on Management, Planning & Forecasting is defined as a compendium of researches applied to this strategic area.
    So I'm glad, as Technical Chapter Director, to use this opportunity for promoting and supporting new developments and applications of simulation techniques and methodologies to applications in Management, Planning & Forecasting.
    In effect the scientific and technical community, operating in this sector, is looking forward for leading technologies to be reused in this area and is developing interesting solutions. For instance the HLA (High Level Architecture) has been applied quite immediately to SCM in order to guarantee distributed control, respecting the proprietary issues and strategic knowledge value of each node in the chain (i.e. Web Integrated Logistics Designer project, 1999-2000). At the same time new projects involving simulation are on-going from leading research centers and major companies worldwide. International congresses are developing tracks and sections dedicated to this area, while new sharp event focusing on specific aspects of M&S applied to Management, Planning & Forecasting are arising and successfully developing worldwide (i.e. HMS International Workshop grow up to its fourth edition).
    We would like to invite all SCS members operating in this area to keep in touch for creating an effective network of excellence in this area.

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    Thematic Workshops & Events
  • Spring Sim 2017, April, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
  • Summersim 2017, July, Seattle, WA, USA
  • WAMS2017, September, Florence, Italy
  • MAS 2017, September, Barcelona, Spain
  • HMS 2017, September, Barcelona, Spain
  • I3M2017, September, Barcelona, Spain
  • EMSS2017, September, Barcelona, Spain
  • IMAACA2017, September, Barcelona, Spain
  • I_WISH2017, September, Barcelona, Spain
  • DHSS2017, September, Barcelona, Spain
  • SESDE2017, September, Barcelona, Spain
  • Spring Sim 2016, April, Pasadena, CA, USA
  • Summersim 2016, July, Montreal, Canada
  • WAMS2016, November, Cagliari, Italy
  • MAS 2016, September, Cyprus
  • HMS 2016, September, Cyprus
  • I3M2016, September, Cyprus
  • EMSS2016, September, Cyprus
  • IMAACA2016, September, Cyprus
  • I_WISH2016, September, Cyprus
  • DHSS2016, September, Cyprus
  • SESDE2016, September, Cyprus
  • WAMS2015, September, Bergeggi, Italy
  • MAS 2015, September, Bergeggi, Italy
  • HMS 2015, September, Bergeggi, Italy
  • I3M2015, September, Bergeggi, Italy
  • EMSS2015, September, Bergeggi, Italy
  • IMAACA2015, September, Bergeggi, Italy
  • I_WISH2015, September, Bergeggi, Italy
  • DHSS2015, September, Bergeggi, Italy
  • SESDE2015, September, Bergeggi, Italy
  • Summersim 2015, July, Chicago, IL, USA
  • WAMS2014, November, Istanbul, Turkey
  • MAS 2014, September, Bordeaux, France
  • HMS 2014, September, Bordeaux, France
  • I3M2014, September, Bordeaux, France
  • EMSS2014, September, Bordeaux, France
  • I_WISH2014, September, Bordeaux, France
  • DHSS2014, September, Bordeaux, France
  • SESDE2014, September, Bordeaux, France
  • Summersim 2014, July, Monterey, CA, USA
  • Spring Sim 2014, April, Tampa, FL, USA
  • WAMS2013, November, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • MAS 2013, September, Athens, Greece
  • HMS 2013, September, Athens, Greece
  • I3M2013, September, Athens, Greece
  • EMSS2013, September, Athens, Greece
  • IMAACA2013, September, Athens, Greece
  • I_WISH2013, September, Athens, Greece
  • DHSS2013, September, Athens, Greece
  • SESDE2013, September, Athens, Greece
  • Summersim 2013, July, Toronto, Canada
  • Spring Sim 2013, April, San Diego, CA, USA
  • EAIA within Spring Sim 2012, March, Orlando, FL, USA
  • Summersim 2012, July, Genoa, Italy
  • WAMS2012, September, Rome, Italy
  • MAS 2012, September, Wien, Austria
  • I3M2012 McLeod and M&S Workshops, September, Wien, Austria
  • MISS and M&S Workshops on I3M11, Rome, Italy
  • WAMS2011, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • MISS and M&S Annual General Meetings during Summersim 2011, The Hague
  • Systems of Systems Engineering and Complex Systems, Genoa, Italy
  • Decision Making in Complex Systems at ISHAP, Sorrento, Italy
  • Warehouse Simulation within Turkish Naval Academy, Tulsa, Turkey
  • RPG in Logistics, Savona, Italy
  • CIMIC and Country Reconstruction Simulation: CAPRICORN User Meeting in Rome, Italy
  • SmackDown Initiative, Boston MA USA
  • Distributed Interoperable Simulation for Operations and Logistics, Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • Premitel Program, Genoa, Italy
  • CAPRICORN: Workshop on the Understanding of Boundary Conditions and Framework Parameters affecting Operations for Stabilization, Marseille, France
  • Human Behaviors at Eurosim2010 in Prague
  • Country Reconstruction at NMSG, Utrech, NL
  • SIREN Meetings
  • Software Solutions: Modelling & Simulation in Industrial Plants, Master in Industrial Plants
  • MISS & M&S Net Workshops in I3M2010, Fes Morocco
  • Babel by Simulation Team, Construction Operative Module, Genoa University Industrial Plants Master
  • Explosad by Simulation Team, Standards & Regulations Operative Module, Genoa University Industrial Plants Master
  • Celebes by Simulation Team, Project Management Operative Module, Genoa University Industrial Plants Master
  • PREMITEL Program for Logistics & Transportaiton Genoa
  • Simulation Team at Harvard Medical School for Forecasting on Population Obesity, Boston
  • ITEC2010 Demonstration Simulation Team and USJFCOM on Haiti Scenario, London UK
  • Capricorn Italian Workshop on Civil Military Cooperation and Operational Planning, Rome, Italy
  • Presentation of Simulation Team at Savona Campus, Savona, Italy
  • Sim&Sea, La Spezia, Italy
  • Master in Industrial Plant Engineering: Opening, Genoa, Italy
  • Capstone Initiative, Old Dominion University, Norfolk
  • Special Issues in International Journals
    Simulation Special Issues on Techniques and Methodologies applied to Logistics


      The Fourth meeting of SIMPLEST (SImulation applications in Management, PLanning & forEcaSTing) Technical Council was held during Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC) in Calgary during 2006.
      Special tutorials was organized during the event.
      The Thrid meeting of SIMPLEST (SImulation applications in Management, PLanning & forEcaSTing) Technical Council was held during Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC) in Philadelphia July 24-28, 2005.
      Special tutorials was organized during the event.
    • I3M New Event The new multiconference established in mediterranean cultural area is growing up with its second edition in Marseille; the attendance of first year overpassed 150 papers. (Contact Person: Dr.Marina Massei, Liophant Simulation Club)
    • I3M New Event A new multiconference is established in mediterranean cultural area; in 2004 the event will be in Italy and it is expected to attract over 100 papers. (Contact Person: Marina Massei, Liophant Simulation Club)
    • Rio de Janeiro Simulation Event The next editions of HMS planned for Rio de Janeiro is working forward for establishing a stong link to Simulation Iniatives in Latin America. (Contact Person: Marina Massei, Liophant Simulation Club)
    • Simulation Special Issues:
      Two new special issues devoted to Management and Logistics are on-going inspired by the meetings at last Summer Computer Simulation Conferences 2003 in Montreal; Miquel Piera, Edward Williams, Agostino Bruzzone and Antoni Guasch are involved as guest editors (Contact Person: Agostino Bruzzone, Liophant Simulation Club)

    The first meeting of SIMPLEST (SIulation applications in Management, PLanning & forEcaSTing) Technical Council has been held during Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC) in Montreal July 20-24, 2003; the SIMPLEST Workshop invites you to submit draft full papers and to participate to the next panel session of this new Technical Council of SCS for setting up Cooperations and Projects (Contact Person: Dr.Marina Massei, MISS DIP University of Genoa) in San Jose' California durine next SCSC

    Modeling & Applied Simulation International Workshop
    The MISS - DIP Genoa established in 2002 a new International Workshop focusing on applied M&S; this event is focusing on SIMPLEST issues with special attention to Business Application of Simulation for Management; the event is planned in Italian Riviera, the third edition is coupled with I3M and will be at the end of October
    (Contact Person: Dr.Marina Massei, Liophant Simulation Club)
    The Lesnex Workshop focuses on the development of the Lean Simulation as a new apporach for applying M&S techniques into Small and Medium Size Enterprises as well as during early state evaluation in large program; the workshop is planned for being held again during next Summer Computer Simulation Conference in San Jose` July 2004. (Contact Person: Prof.Stefano Saetta, University of Perugia)

    Wintersim Plenary Session:
    During next Wintersim 2002 at San Diego it was oraganized a plenary session titled "Distributed Simulation & Industry: Potential and Pitfalls" involving Simon J. E. Taylor (Moderator from Brunel University),  Agostino Bruzzone (DIP University of Genoa), Richard Fujimoto (Georgia Institute of Technology), Boon Ping Gan (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology),  Steffen Straßburger (DaimlerChrysler). This panel paper presented the views of these five researchers and practitioners of distributed simulation.  Collectively the session attempted to address what the implications of distributed simulation are for industry.  It is hoped that the views contained herein, and the presentations made by the panelists at the 2002 Winter Simulation Conference will raise awareness and stimulate further discussion on the application of distributed simulation methods and technology in an area that is yet to benefit from the arguable economic benefits that this technique promises. Simulation Special Issue:
    The Simulation Special Issue on Supply Chain Management of Simulation was printed during in August 2002 Issue; this issue includes the following papers: "Agent-based planning and simulation of combined rail/road transport" (Gambardella, Rizzoli IDSIA, Funk DFKI), "Simulation of a Multi Agent System for Retail Inventory Control: A case Study" (R.Signorile, Boston College), "GRIDS-SCF: An Infrastructure for Distributed Supply Chain Simulation" (S.Taylor Brunel Univ., G.Tan Singapore National Univ., J.LadBrood Ford Motor Co.), "A Simulation-based Methodology for the Process to Allow Continuous Tracking of Quality, Cost and Time" (S.Goel, N.Richard, Manitoba Univ., N.Goel Bristol Aerospace), "Supply Chain Simulation using Discrete-Continuous Combined Modeling Approach" (Y.Lee, M.Cho Hanyang Univ., Y.Kim Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
    The Guest Editor (Agostino G. Bruzzone, MISS DIP) considers this an important example of integrating Supply Chain Management and Simulation for improving company competitiveness.

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