Agostino G. Bruzzone

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Agostino G. Bruzzone

    is the President of MIPET: the Master in Industrial Plant Engineering & Technologies of Genoa University; currently he is Full Professor in DIME, Agostino Bruzzone began his engineering studies at the Italian Naval Academy with the Faculty of Pisa. After successfully completing this phase, he transferred to the University of Genoa where he earned his doctorship in Mechanical Engineering. Since 1991, he has taught "Theories and Techniques of Automatic Control" and in 1992 he has become a member of the industrial simulation work group at the ITIM University of Genoa (Institute of Technology and Industrial & Mechanical plants).
    He has utilized extensively simulation techniques in many application areas including: harbor terminals, maritime trading and sailboat racing sectors.
    He worked on research projects involving innovative modeling, AI techniques and DOE (design of Experiments); particular attention was focused on the application of Neural Networks, GAs and Fuzzy Logic to industrial plant problems using Simulation and Chaos Theory.
    He has been actively involved in the scientific community from several years and served as Director of the McLeod Institute of Simulation Science (MISS), Associate Vice-President and Member of the Board of the SCS (Society for Modelling & Simulation International), President of the Liophant Simulation, VicePresident and Member of the Board of MIMOS (Movimento Italiano di Simulazione), ViceDirector of M&S Net, Industrial Relation Chair in SCS Europe, Italian Point of Contact for the ISAG (International Simulation Advisory Grouyp) and Sim-Serv.
    He acquired extensive experience as a member of International Technical and Organization Committees (i.e. AI Application of IASTED, AI Conference, ESS, ESM, AMS, etc.) and as a General Coordinator of Scientific Initiatives (i.e. General Chair of “Simulation in Industry Conference”, "Summer Computer Simulation Conference", "International Mediterranean Modelling Multiconference" and “Web Based Simulation Conference”, Program Chair of the “Workshop in Harbor and Logistics Modeling”, Guest Editor for “Special Issue of Harbor and Maritime Simulation” and "Supply Chain Simulation" in Int.Journals, Member of the Editorial Board of Simulation, Program Chair of “Engineering Application” in WCSS and Track Chair for Manufacturing in SCSC ).
    He has written more than 200 scientific papers in addition to technical and professional reports in partnerships with major companies (i.e. IBM, Fiat Group, Contship, Solvay) and agencies (i.e. Italian Navy, NASA, National Center for Simulation, US Army).
    As example, during 2000, he was involved in different Projects as Project Manager or Scientific Responsible such as: FLODAF (Fuzzy Logic Data Fusion Italian Navy), MASC (Modeling & Analysis for Satisfaction of Customers, COOP), DICOSAP (DIPTEM/COOP ERP Support & Applied Planning), LEM (Logistics Educational Module, Ford Motor Co., Boston College, Liophant Simulation), HLA University Outreach Program (DoD, Defense Modeling & Simulation Office, McLeod Institutes of Simulation Sciences), PUMA (Project for Ultimate Maintenance, Ansaldo Energia), WILD (Web Integrated Logistics Designer, MURST, Milan & Bari Polytechnic, Firenze/Napoli/L'Aquila/Salerno University, Piaggio Aero Industries, Salver, Plyform, SirioPanel, OMA, Geven, Magnaghi). In the same year he was involved, as international expert, in the development of NATO project NIAG SG60 (Simulation Based Design and Virtual Prototyping, NATO).

    Currently Agostino Bruzzone is in charge as Director of the Technical Council of "SIMulation applications in Management, PLanning & forEcaSTing" for the Society of Computer Simulation International.
    He is General Director of M&S Net an excellence Network with 34 centers distributed in North and South America, Europe and Far East. He is MISS DIPTEM Genoa Director for the McLeod Institute of Simulation Science (an Institution with over 28 Centers distributed worldwide: Brazil, China, USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Spain etc.).
    He is founder member and president of the Liophant Simulation .
    He is also and member of Who's Who, IEEE, IASTED, ANIMP, SCS, MIMOS etc. Currently he works in the Department of Industrial Production, Thermoenergy, Engineering and Mathematical Modelling (DIPTEM) at the University of Genoa as Full Professor. He is active in the field of simulator-based applications for industrial plants, developing new methodologies and intelligent system integration techniques.
    He teaches “Project Management” and "Industrial Logistics” at the University for students in the Mechanical Engineering (4th year), Management Engineering (4th year) and Logistics & Production Engineering (3rd year) degree courses; He teaches "Modelling & Simulation", "M&S for Biomedical System" and VV&A for the DIMS PhD Program (Doctorship in Integrated Mathematical Modelling and Simulation).
    He served as President of the Master Program in Industrial Plants ("Grandi Impianti") for Genoa University.

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