Simonluca Poggi

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Simonluca Poggi

    is an Engineer that completed his PhD from Genoa University with long experience in Industrial Process Modelling, he served for several years as Chief Scientist on MAST. Currently he is Senior Partner in an Industrial and Professional Engineering Firm
    During June 2004 he participated to thre International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students in Istanbul achieving 1st Runner Award with his Project on "Company Model Analyze Dynamic Reengineering of Joint Activity" in the International Competition with representatives of different Universities; while during 2005 and 2006 he participated as Team Advisor to ICAMES Conference with Student Teams.
    Simulation Team He achieved the Management Engineering degree with a thesis on "Model for Life Cycle Analysis of A New Aircraft Carrier" from Genoa University in cooperation with Fincantieri.
    During 2006 he was involved in Customer Satisfaction analysis for Retail Business Sector.
    He worked as consultant on different initiatives on ERP Solution for Retail; Inventory Management, Logistics and Project Management for DIPTEM.
    He participated to several International conferences in Europe (i.e. HMS, I3M, EMSS, MAS etc.).
    Simonluca Poggi completed is PhD in Simulation Team of DIPTEM with special attention to Industrial Plant Engineering, M&S and Logistics Applications. He worked for several years as free lance consultant in Engineering and M&S; he is actively involved in International Projects related to simulation and innovative technologies; he acquire experience in Oil Treatment Processes and Safety Engineering. He is currently working in cooperation with Simulation Team on several M&S Projects.

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    Phone +39 220 99 64
    Mobile +39 347 10 15 134
    Fax +39 019 221 65 58
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